HDConnect formally announced

HDConnect Founded to Pursue Interoperability of High Definition Communication Products and Services

WASHINGTON, DC – July 14, 2009 – Jeff Pulver, CEO pulver.com, announces the formation of HDConnect.  HDConnect provides a forum for work toward cross vendor interconnection of high definition (HD) communication products and services.  The group will also develop a common nomenclature and cross-promote the benefits of converting telecom products and services to HD.

The founding members of the HDConnect Steering Committee:
o AudioCodes, Alan Percy, Director Business Development
o Broadcom, Martyn Humphries, VP & GM, VoIP
o DSP Group, Mike Rude, VP Business Development
o FWD, Daniel Berninger, CEO and HDConnect Executive Director
o Gigaset Communications, Tony Stankus, Product Manager, Emerging Technologies
o Global IP Solutions, Jan Linden, VP Engineering
o Polycom, Jeff Rodman, co-founder/CTO Voice Division
o pulver.com, Jeff Pulver, CEO and HDConnect Chairman
o snom, Mike Storella, Director Bus Development
o Uniden America, Rick Krupka, VP Sales & Marketing Business Communications
o ZipDX, Dave Frankel, CEO

High definition communication refers to the deployment of technologies that provide at least twice the frequency response of plain old telephone service.  The prospect of HD deployments represent an opportunity for every telecom sector from incumbent wireline and cable digital phone services to wireless carriers and enterprise networks.

“The broad agreement among HDConnect members about the need for cross vendor interconnection and common nomenclature represents an important accomplishment.” said Jeff Pulver.  “The lack of interconnection and the resulting islands of connectivity leave existing VoIP products and services well short of their potential.”

“You still hear people say “let me call you back from a land line”; Value of voice quality has become more important in both residential and business applications then ever before” says Rick Krupka VP Sales and Marketing at Uniden.  “High definition communication will redefined the standard and fulfill the promise of comfortable communication.”

“As long time pioneers of HD Voice, Global IP Solutions is pleased to be partnering with industry experts and veterans on this market defining effort which will offer tangible benefits both to industry and consumers,” said Jan Linden, Global IP Solutions’ vice president of engineering. “The user experience is the most important part of communication and carriers now have the opportunity to clearly differentiate themselves by providing HD voice capabilities.”

“Today, DSP Group silicon solutions are enabling HD voice in telephony products around the world.  We are pleased to participate in HDConnect and are committed to working with key industry partners to make HD voice a mainstream consumer & enterprise experience,” said Mike Rude, VP of Business Development – North America, DSP Group, Inc.

About pulver.com:

Jeff Pulver founded pulver.com at the end of 1994.  Mr. Pulver is a globally recognized thought leader, author and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FWD, the VON Coalition, PrimeTimeRewind.TV, Vivox and is the co-founder of VoIP provider, Vonage. On February 12, 2004, Mr. Pulver’s petition for clarification declaring Free World Dialup as an unregulated information service was granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Now referred to as “the Pulver
Order”, the ruling provides important clarification that computer-to-computer VoIP service is not a telecommunications service.

Contact: Daniel Berninger, dan@danielberninger.com, +

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