Summary coverage of the first HD Communications Summit

ABP Blog

HD Communications the Turning Point for VoIP

Brough Turner

Flickr – HD Communications Summit
Communications: My coverage of HD Communcations Summit mostly on Twitter.

Doug on IP Comm

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit
Presentations at the HD Communications Summit – pictures

HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs …
HD Communications Summit: HD Cellular is happening
HD Communications Summit: Islands of HD, trending upward

HD Communications Summit: Cable bides its time.
HD Communications Summit: Codec convergence, “HD” logo take center …

HD Communications Summit: Pulver announces HD marketing association, FCC petition, fall event


John Gallagher – There’s a Lot More to HD Voice than the Codec
Jan Linden – More on the HD Communication Summit | Global IP Solutions

Graves on SOHO VoIP

HDVoice Summit: A Beginning

Internetnews Blog

Alex Goldman – Jeff Pulver wants to be HD’s ambassador


Kfir Pravda – Can you hear me? HD Voice and Its Implications

IVR Technologies

HD Communications Summit Helps Drive Momentum for HD Voice .

Jeff Pulver

A Second Chance for VoIP:
The day the VoIP Industry Rebooted


HD Voice is Here? – VoIP Survivor

VoIP Planet

Will High-Def Voice Revive VoIP?

VoIP Users Conference

The day the VoIP Industry Rebooted – Jeff Pulver

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