New Android "Glass" biz phone supports HD

Some buzz today around the decloaking of Cloud Telecomputers and the announcement of its “Glass Platform” business IP phone hardware OEM platform.

If you’re looking for a marketing buzzword to define the hardware, it is “Media phone.” Glass has a lot of shiny bells and whistles for VoIP and geek users, including an 8 inch color touchscreen, Bluetooth support so you can use Glass as a speaker/mic combo for your cell phone — a nifty idea, voice dialing and voice “notes,” an “HD speakerphone,” and it runs Android.

(Can we take the features of  SIP-compatible, “tap to dial by name” and “Click to Call from Outlook” as standard? I mean, such features should be standard on a business desktop phone these days, just like dial tone and a numeric keypad interface…)

No specific details on the definition of “HD speaker phone” but they have a graphic that looks remarkably like something you might see from AudioCodes.   For now, we’ll assume minimum support of G.722 and await the response to our media inquiry.

Depending on one’s level of commitment, one could start at simply “white labeling” Glass hardware or buy a license and go customize the whole software and OEM hardware layout — Cloud is offering a range of options.  There’s also an interesting line buried in the website about “Tightly integrates with and exploits the unique features of Asterisk, the BroadSoft and Sylantro PBX platforms”  — something that should warm the heart of Digium.

Based in San Francisco, Cloud Telecomputers boasts a CEO who was a former EVP/GM at Covad and investors steeped in telecom.  The company name — invoking both “cloud” and “telecomputers” — is also an interesting distillation of trends in the IP and telephony industry.

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