Freakonomics "gets it" about poor call quality

Stephen J. Dubner, the author of “Freakonomics, The Hidden Side of Everything” has dialed into the basic problems we’ve been preaching about at HDConnect for a while in his blog posting “Why is Phone Fidelity So Poor?”

More specifically, Dubner asks/wonders about the following points:

  • With all the technological improvements  in the past few decades, the audio fidelity of so many of our phone calls is so abysmal?
  • Poor audio quality is a “strong disincentive” to using the phone (Cheap VoIP providers take note…)
  • “Carriers have engaged in a race to the bottom in price (and therefore quality) that leaves a big opportunity for someone to come along and offer decent quality at a premium.”
  • “Better cell quality would cut down on the annoyance factor of overhearing other people’s calls (because they are often shouting, since they can’t hear the person they’re talking to) and maybe even auto safety (since poor audio quality is yet an additional distraction to a driver).”

Be interesting to see if Dubner’s comments make the rounds at the Tier 1 carriers and voice providers.

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