HD Comm '09 – Skype is speaking, but what will be said?

Next week at HD Comm ’09 (special discount of 20% if you use the code “HDConnectNow”), Julian Spittka, Product Manager and Sr. Engineer, Skype will be speaking in the afternoon around the topic of “The Path to HD Market Adoption.” He’ll no doubt talk about the wonders of SILK, but what else might he reveal?

With Skype for SIP getting a lot of play this week since ShoreTel has announced that it is the first vendor to be “Skype for SIP” certified, will there be an announcement to support more than G.711 and G.729 codecs? If you want to play in the HD Voice world and the big (enterprise) boys, you have to support G.722 and start thinking about coming to the table with AMR-WB in your pocket.

Or will we hear “SILK, SILK, SILK” all the time?

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