Voxbone plays HD card at HD Comms '09

At the HD Comms ’09 in New York on Tuesday, Voxbone will announce support for HD calling through its iNum service.

Voxbone, a provider of international VoIP services and phone numbers to communication service providers, call centers, and multinational businesses, says that so long as both endpoints are HD-enabled, calls to iNum numbers will “convey a sound quality that far surpasses traditional circuit-switched telephony.”

The iNum numbers are prefaced with an 883 area code to indicate their uniqueness; calls to an 883-number is first routed to Voxbone before being delivered to the appropriate service provider — the catch to the solution.  A call made from a HD handset to a non-HD handset — regardless of network, will dumb-down to PSTN quality.

Needless to say, Voxbone is pitching this as a key piece in the puzzle for HD by providing an HD-enabled iNum phone number that could be published around the world.  Voxbon will initial G.722 and plans to add other codecs by the end of the year.

Other vendors have made different cases for how to enable HD interoperability, such XConnect proposing an Interconnect 2.0 model built around its ENUM registry and a multimedia signaling hub.  XConnect already cut a deal with the GSM Association to build interoperability between its ENUM registry service and GSMA’s Pathfinder number translation service operated by Neustar; the deal should allow IP based services such as video calls and HD voice to “flow” between XConnect and GSM’s service.

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