Afternoon Tweets from the HD Communications Summit/HD Comm '09, September 15, 2009, New World Stages, New York, New York

This is a (laborously cut and paste) summary of the afternoon “tweets” posted from the HD Communications Summit on September 15; the morning will be posted later (hopefully after I figure out an easier way to process the morning Twitter-ing).

Chris Fine, VP Goldman Sachs

  • Lunch break over; Chris Fine of Goldman Sachs up to talk about HD Voice in the Enterprise
  • Fine – IT guy focused on Unified Communication, HD tied into it.
  • Fine – CIO survey for IT spending; a little (but upward) bar for IT spending. Grow, but “below-normal” historic pace\
  • Fine – Key drivers for IT spending? ((Editorial view for financial industry) RISK REDUCTION, reveneu increase, cost reduction, productivity
  • Fine has a bunch of scenarios (7! for HD voice Adopton in Enterprise. Top one is “inveitability” scenario for higher-fidelity sys
  • Fine – Federation of UC can drive HD voice
  • Fine – Key problem for communication tech: Feuding vendors – Vendors have opportunity to “Get this One RIght” — promot interop & standards!
  • Fine – Market grow faster due to co-option

Josh Bottum, Director of Business Development, Cisco

  • Next up – Josh Bottum, Cisco
  • Bottum – Which segments/endpoints work? Biz? Consumer, Wireless?
  • Bottum – Committment to HD to all price points, including entry-;evel, small biz/consumer
  • Bottum – BPull for service providers drive HD = Increase market share, attach rate, ARPU…
  • Bottum – look for “check box” for HD to drive demand

Mike Rude, Vice President, Business Development, DSPGroup

  • Next up, Mike Rude, VP Biz Dev, DSPGroup
  • Rude – chip sets in 4 Million HD Voice devices deployed worldwide to date; 70% use DSP Group silicon, all CAT-iq devices have DSPGroup
  • Rude – DECT CAT-iq standardized HD Voice, low-cost, integrated data capability for handsets
  • Rude – Services provider “excuses” for HD voice, include cost (want cheap hardware), codecs, uses G..722, interoperabiliyt
  • Rude – CAT-iq deliver interoperability between handsets.
  • Rude – Vtech, Thompson, Gigaset have CAT-iq certification.

The HD Value Chain Panel

  • next up – HD Value Chain Panel, Moderator Michael Stanford, WireEvolution, speakers Michael Jablon, Time Warner, Tony Stankus, Gigaset &
  • Mike Storella, snom
  • Storella – Lot of marketing needs to be done for HD, intelligent buyers ask for HD
  • Stankus – Every Gigaset phone has a SIP id.
  • Jablon – Waiting for customer demand
  • Storella – A lot of VARs are NOT mentioning HD. Still selling a biz phone, offering lowest price phone.
  • (Sounds like Altiva at IT EXPO last week; HD comes up after customer is secured)
  • Storella – Need to educate customer on best/long-term. Handset has 7-10 year lifespan.
  • Jablon does a quick market survey; Would people pay $3 more per month for HD voice? Most attendees say yes.
  • Stanford – Is Skype sticking with PSTN for money (settlement) reasons?
  • Jabron – Long term, Skype probably not that model for termination fees.
  • Stankus – Have to convince retailers that $100 for a phone is a good deal with DECT and HD. Uphill battle
  • @aswath was a generic question, no paramaters set for the fee, just “HD”
  • Jabron – Customers tell them they don’t want to buy more hardware.
  • @aswatch You’d et HD; so QoS may be in, may not be in.. it wasn’t a scientific engineered survey
  • Jabron – HD as a product and a service is quite complicated, having done a lot of research on it (CEP, noetwork). HARD PROBLEMS
  • (which I think some of the NGN guys don’t get, FYI)
  • Jabron – 3-5 years, 100% of MSO phone subscribers could be HD ready. Just put a phone on.
  • Sudden spin into ISDN and SS7 peering. AARRRGQ!

HD Carrier Interconnection

  • HD Carrier Interconnect panel setting up
  • Moderator, Candice Malmstrom, FreedomVoice
  • (now plug for HostedVoIp PBX, wrapping all phones into HD voip)
  • Panelists, Kevin Groth Xconnect, Rodrigue Ullens, Voxbone, David Frankel ZipDX
  • XConnect offers up HD Federation service/directory during panel

Alla Reznik, Director of Product Management, Global Advanced Voice Services, Verizon

  • Alla Reznik, Director Product Mgmt, Verizon
  • Reznik – “Verizon agrees with me ” that’s there’s a future in HD
  • Reznick – One (Verizon) company already has adopted HD, mgrs “kind of costly, but it’s worth it. Have an island in HQ…
  • Reznik – As immigrant to US, wants HD Voice, wants to understand them.
  • Reznik – Enterprise customer above = VERIZON. Frustration is island. Biggest headache is peering arrangement, able to figure it out
  • Reznick – Need FCC support/regulation.
  • Reznik – Able to make money on add’l VoIP features such as UC. HD voice hopefully propel into more calls on IP, not on PSTN
  • Reznik – Can figure out how to peer & interconnect. Wants blanket FCC ruling to treat VoIP as IP…
  • Reznik – VoIP is treated as IP, so can interconnect as HD, get to point where can change for extra features, make monies there.
  • Reznik – Customer pull for HD, early adopters today, GA in 2011. VZ Wireless looking at tech, “It’s interesting…” but enterprise want HD

Thomas Lemaire, Director Business Development, FT-Orange

  • Thomas Lemaire, Director Biz development. France Telecom/Orange
  • going through HD in Europe. HD voice, BT has close to half a million HD read subs, most aren’t active. T-mobile upgrades towards HD voice
  • Lemaire – HD voice reality in Europe, growing ecosystem of chip setsl, players
  • Lemaire – enjoy better quality call, even if non-VoIP, because baseline phone s better.
  • Lemaire – Deployed in France, Spain (but not communicated that HD), and in Poland. UK, Belgium will be mobile rollouts
  • Lemaire – Orange aligned CAT-iq 1.0 now, will roll out CAT-iq 2.0 and 3.0 phones in 3010.
  • Lemaire – Expect standard for mobile to be AMR-WB, not “interoperable” for CAT-iq/G.722 Something needs to be addressed
  • Lemaire – Need AMR-WB network, compatible devices, better acoustic (mic, speaker) equipment.
  • Lemaire – Expect HD to help promote 3G data plans and services in some countries
  • Sounds like transcoding between ARM-WB and G.722 (wireless and wireline) is going to be a biggger headache.

Julian Spitka, Product Manager and Senior Engineer, Skype

  • Julian Spitka, Product mgr/engineer of Skype takes podium.
  • Spitka going through codec tradeoffs
  • ..rolling into a pitch for SILK…
  • Spitka – Best case, should cover voice space with one (1) codec. Proposed IETF working group for wideband codec. Submitted codecs
  • Spitka – SILK made available today
  • Spitka – “No interest” in supporting G.722. “Quite a processs” to support SIP
  • G.722 apparently falls apart w/o QoS

Mobile HD Voice Panel

  • Mobile HD VoIP panel takes stage: David Blumenstein The Hatchery, Moderator
  • Oops. panelist not feeling well, so Brough Turner, Dialogic up, Mahesh Makhijani, Qualcomm
  • Turner – Raved in 1996 why IP PBX vendors weren’t supporting wideband.
  • @Anatoli1 SILK is a nice codec but Skype should learn to open up.
  • @mjgraves I suspect G.722 falls apart under the Skype peer-to-peer model.
  • Qualcomm showing around a mobile HD phone demo (prototope) on Verizon network. Using endot end VoIP CDMA
  • Yet another plug for CDMA (arrrg)
  • *sigh* more CDMA vs GSM/LTE
  • Logging out now, doing some pushups to prep for the HD Tipping points panel up next…
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