Opening remarks/comments on HD Communications Summit via Twitter

Morning Twitter coverage of HD Communications Summit on September 15, 2009 – Opening remarks

  • #HDComms ’09 event starting. Emphasis on Moldova — first country of HD voice
  • #HDComms Berninger HD vendors “Collectively fighting ignorance” in letting people know that there’s an alternative to standard voice
  • #HDComms Pulver – HD chance to “Make a lot of money”
  • Pulver – HD technology now “there” but need to promote use. Cable companies looking at HD for “years”
  • Pulver – Orange “very open” on its broadband strategy, HD part of it as a “double play”8:18 AM Sep 15th from twhirl
  • Pulver – “Rumors” that “someone” is experimenting with HD in San Antonio (i.e. AT&T)
  • Pulver – Many people “pinigng” on HD, Followup event in Silicon Valley in March
  • Pulver – VoIP ushered in era of lower profits. Hopes HD will usher in era of higher quality voice
  • Moldova has launched HD Mobile service (Orange)
  • Pulver – HD Connect committee working on interoperability. Some “scuttlebutt” that cable companies are talking peering/HD interconnect
  • PUlver – Large ecosystem of HD, chips, service providers, wireline, hardware, handsets exist today
  • Pulver – Vivox serves billions of HD mintues today.
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