HD Comm '09 – Tweets of ATSC Chairman, HD Innovation Panels presentations

The tweets presented below were sent during the HD Communications Summit, September 15, 2009.  Some formatting and selective spelling correction done for readability.

Robert Graves, Chairman, ATSC Forum

  • Graves – from Bell Labs/AT&T, got involved with video, went to ATSC
  • Graves – Spent lot of time evangelizing about ATSC/digital TV/HDTV
  • Graves – ATSC now a whole family of standards, including of 19.4 Mbps
  • Graves – Broadcasters looking at adding mobile/handheld revenue.
  • Graves – FCC started DTV process in 1987, wanted HD as the goal, dumped analog by ’93
  • Graves – Lessons from DTV needed to go one big stop (HDTV), all-format decoding , single common transmission standard
  • Graves – Consistent gov’t policy was key
  • Graves – Consumers want HD: HDTV, HD Radio, HD sunglasses, HD voice

HD Innovations Panel – Part I

  • Moderator, Robert Messer, Pres, ABP Tech; Panel, Alan Percy, AudioCodes Ryan Heidari, Qualcomm, Tobias Kemper Nimbuzz
  • Kemper – Working on building market for HD, challenge telling mass market you can make SIP’/HD calling
  • Percy – “Father in law test” Need to be easy/transparent, educate consumers, need to be simple, simple, simple
  • Heidari – Need one common codec, guarantee call won’t drop; G.722 seems to be acceptable Downloadable codecs possible in future.]
  • Keidari – (downloadable as in on-the-fly downloading of codec into phone if it’s not there..)
  • Percy – Skeptic of downloadable codec; recites Adobe Reader experience of downloading, crashing, updating.
  • Q – What innovations happening in transcoder space?
  • Percy – Ability to quickly support multiple coders on DSPs, switch coders quickly, also do at 2x sample rate
  • Percy – Looking forward, not endpoint yet, just starting to learn; Moving from G.722 to AMR-WB, get losses, but are ways to mitigate loss
  • Heidari – Mixing of multiple codecs people don’t want to handle, add delay of 30-40 milliseconds.
  • Percy – Horse out of barn, wireless and wireline and Microsoft already chosen codecs, have to transcode in Real World.
  • Nimbuzz – chose open source common ground
  • Q- Where is innovation going – Bluetooth headsets, etc – for HD capable gear
  • Heidari – Bluetooth HPF, SPC codec, 5 other codecs optionality, problem with Bluetooth is low-powered device, can’t handle complexity of HD

HD Innovations Panel – Part II

  • Moderator Ben Lillenthal, VAPPS; speakers Jim Toga, Vivox, Tim Panton PhoneFromHome, Richard Romagnino VoiceAge
  • Panton – Turn PC into G.722 device thorugh web-based interface
  • Toga – More to voice than just the interface
  • Toga – Quality control, content, people using apps, providing communication mechaniims. 2B million A MONTH of wideband minutes
  • Toga – Vivox provides voice in Second Life,
  • Toga – Voice should be seamless part of app
  • Romangnino – setting up wideband pool for licenses in AMR-WB , help licensing issues
  • Romangingo – Never get ride of transcoding, but a goal to work to. Transcoding intros delays, artifacts
  • Toga – Voice is a “keeper” when it comes to stickier on a for-fee service;
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