HD Comm '09 – Tweets of Polycom, Uniden, HD in Action panel presentations

The tweets presented below were sent during the HD Communications Summit, September 15, 2009.  Some formatting and selective spelling correction done for readability.

Jeff Rodman, CTO Voice Division, Polycom

  • Rodman – Thinking about consumer pull. Who is not convinced? Some pubs are “already there” HD wireline, want to know about HD wireless
  • Rodman – Is it a “Bad moon on the rise” or a “Bathroom on the right” – Clipped “F” and “S” sounds make confusion
  • Rodman – 10 reasons for HD Voice 1 – You can understand the new overseas team 2- You can hear the kids 3 – It’s lots easer (more accurate)
  • Rodman 4 – Save energy for dancing (don’t have to strain to interpret) 5 – Link being there 6 – Enhance emergency abilities
  • 7 – HD voice is “cool”/”sick”/”groovy”
  • 8 – HD is now cheap. Phone cost, minimal to none
  • 9 – Everyone is making HD voice. (BIG list of networks, endpoints)
  • 10 – Your competitor sounds good.
  • Rodman “Polycom HD Voice” is trademarked. Go ahead and use “HD voice” to your heart’s content, Polycom is not going to get huffy

Rick Krupka, Uniden

  • Krupka – Uniden selling a ton of cordless phones
  • Krupka – How to get HD into the common user, Uniden is going to “back door” this. Until demand from service provider, need to get WalMart
  • Krupka – DECT forum still alive, Uniden debt free, big factories in China and Vietnam, commodity market for phones, HD voice differentator
  • Krupka – Retail outlines include WalMart, Sears, RadioShack, Best Buy, Stables, Target, OfficeMax, Office Depot…
  • Krupka – Big real estate…
  • Krupta – Backing into High-def with “big ear” phone for elderly, hearing loss, will sound better…

HD in Action Panel

  • “Panel for HD in Action” up – Panelists included Rodman of Polycom, David Beckemeyer, Televolution, Joyce Kim, GIPS; moderator Dan P
  • Beckemeyer – HD voice BIG BIG lever, but challenge for industry to buy in
  • Rodman – First step, 7 kHz, big pay off for speech, next could be 20 kHz.
  • Twitterites are reminded that www.hdconnectnow.org will also have pieces from the conference, plus a link to the opt-in mailing list
  • Rodman – HD is a system issue, not just shoving a codec on
  • Kim – Seen a lot of activity on the app side. Can’t just wow-factor voice, need to couple with something highly visual, like gaming, conf
  • Kim – Until apps drive awareness, then service providers will deploy voice-only service
  • Kim – Newer mobile apps, video
  • Kim – Some people think just get a codec, think they get HD, but all they get is “Higher quality crap” w/o network to support QoS
  • (well, network and the software glue for echo cancelation).
  • Rodman – “Guys’ in SMB/Enterprise get it, businesses already get it, already communication islands. Step from VoIP to HD Voice INTRA easy
  • Rodman – Islands’ interoperation needed, acceleration of peering needs encouraging, looking forward to day larger network carriers are up
  • Beckemeyer – Biz doing HD for competitive advantage, sees “chicken and egg” problem until service providers get intoit, nobody going to pay
  • Rodman – Codec question with us for a while, need a limited number/set of codecs
  • Kim – The network is a limitation for HD, technology/network have to get smarter.
  • @aswath Yes, it would be interesting to hear what David Isenberg would have to say about the fun.
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