XConnect scores $10M quality VC round

This week XConnect announced it has raised $10 million in a second round (a.k.a. Series B) funding.  There are multiple good-news pieces here for both the HD communications industry and for XConnect.

For the HD Communications industry, XConnect has been promoting its “Interconnect 2.0” concept.  Seeing venture money flow into a company that does both Carrier ENUM-registry and has solid customers around the globe means that A) Money flow is starting to loosen up and B) There will be a need for XConnect (and to be fair, other companies) for higher level connection services above and beyond packet shoveling.

Investors include an international portfolio including Venrock Associates (U.S.), Accel Partners (U.K.), Grazia Equity (Germany) and Crescent Point Group (Singapore)… so you have VC in three major regions (Europe, Asia, North America) chipping in.  Venrock traces its roots back to 1969 as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family and Accel has an equally impressive portfolio/resume.

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