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In a blog posting “The VoIP Industry ReBoot Continues,”  Jeff Pulver summarizes his thoughts on last week’s proceedings.  We present it here so you don’t have to click over…


September 17, 2009

The VoIP Industry ReBoot Continues

On Tuesday, September 15th, the second HD Communications Summit took place in New York City. This conference brought together the emerging HD Communications Industry and took place on the heals of the announcement of Orange enabling HD Voice in Moldova. (see New York Times, Sound of Mobile Calls Gets an Upgrade).

Back in December 2008 I had a feeling that HD Voice was going to happen and happen big in 2009 and thanks to the pioneering work of France Telecom / Orange, their efforts are helping to keep me a person of my word. :)

Since the first HD Communications Summit back in May, “HD Voice” has become the shiny new buzzword in the communications industry. I have enjoyed seeing HD Voice getting attention at a variety of trade shows and conferences since then.

Special thanks goes to Daniel Berninger who helped organize the event and the support our sponsors: AudioCodes, Broadcom, Global IP Sound, Gigaset, Polycom, Snom, voxbone and Wyde Voice. Thanks also to all the speakers who took the time to come to NYC and have their voices heard. And a super special thanks goes to my friend Jake MacLeod, Principal Vice Present and CTO of Bechtel, who made it a point to take notes during each of the presentations and shared his notes and his take aways at the end fo the event.

Personally, I enjoyed seeing a growing number of familiar faces in the audience and on stage. While some of my friend’s titles and companies have changed, their commitment to challenge the status quo continues on. It was great seeing the industry get together, compare notes and take the steps needed to move their efforts forward. I believe Tuesday’s gathering will have a positive effect for the future of the industry as a whole. We are now living in an era of coopitition in the HD Voice space, a time where competitors realize it is time to work together to promote a common goal. Together we have forged a bond which us take us forward as HD Voice gains widespread adoption.

I opened the day by sharing some of my thoughts about “Accelerating the conversion to HD”

Some of the points that I made during my talk were:

– – –

– Moldova/Orange 2M on line with HD. Incubator. Most of Eastern Europe will go HD in the years ahead.

– Change will happen – encourage market disruption and accelerate change to HD.

– Back in 1995 we were hobbyists – now it is a serious technology and business

– Hyper-communications – Overloaded / overwhelming – hyper-connectedness; what will it be like 5 years from now?

– Embassies, Nuclear Risk Reduction, State Department, all are interested in HD voice.

– The existing carriers are investigating the technology as well as the cable companies.

– Introduction of VoIP = Lower costs, wider distribution, lower profits, more competition

– Creation of HD Connect Now – consortium of 12 companies; Working on interoperability among the chip vendors

– Need to continue building global awareness and promotion

– Need to continue to assemble a cohesive ecosystem

– – –

Look for HD Voice to continue to be in the the news in 2009 as more service providers announce their commitment to redefining the sound of communications.

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