AstriCon 2009 next week – Taking briefings

Doug Mohney will be in Phoenix (well, Glendale) Arizona next week for AstriCon 2009, October 13-15, 2009.  If AstriCon’s history of surprises holds,  keynotes given by Google open source programs manager Chris DiBona and Mike Smith, IBM’s CTO of its Server and Technology Group, should prove to deliver some surprises.

The Asterisk telephony “platform,” as Digium’s Mark Spencer has described it, is playing an increasing role in the world of HD. Asterisk is on ooma’s telo consumer HD voice phone and is showing up as the engine/glue in a lot of other prototypes and operational products, such as handing IVR for WydeVoice’s HD Softbridge.

will be delivering the Thursday keynote and I’ll be really interested in what he has to say. Mike is responsible for leveraging the capabilities of different assets at IBM and leading software development teams for “smart business.” He’s also leading partnerships in new software business opportunities.  Hmmm

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