ooma bombards the airwaves in D.C.

If the radio spot campaign in DC is any measure, ooma is not afraid to buy radio airtime.  Commercials for the consumer (HD) voice service company have been playing on 106.7 “The Fan” since the company’s re-launch with Best Buy on October 1, with spots distributed throughout the day, starting during the mornings and throughout the day into the evening and afternoon rush hour.

In May, ooma CTO Rich Buchanan indicated the company would be buying advertising for the fall and bargains were to be had due to the economic recession. Ooma raised $14 million in VC funding in June, so it isn’t hard to guess where the money has come from.

At least two different spots have been aired.  One used a psuedo-live, personalized “read” by a morning show host while this week’s run features a canned spot with “The Talker.” Spots for ooma have not, alas, focused so much on HD voice as high-quality voice and the ability to deliver “free phone calls.”     The ads also do not talk about ooma’s high-tech features, including a dual-core ARM-based processor, G.722 HD voice codec, and Asterisk running on the ooma dialing hub.

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