Photos – HD voice handsets at AstriCon 2009

Glendale AZ & Washington DC – A few examples of the many, many G.722/HD voice capable phones available off-the-shelf today. As noted previously, one had to look carefully to find a non-G.722 phone.


Cisco SPA 5xx IP phone line

Cisco’s SPA5xx line of SMB IP phones all have G.722 built-in.  You’ll note the range of options from the high-end color LCD model at left to the low-end $130 phone at right.


Cisco’s $130 dollar SPA501 supports G.722.   It’s not exactly the prettiest handset in the world, but it’s only $130!


On the high end of the SPA5xx line, Cisco has the same bells and whistles as the other guys, including a color LCD and a USB port at the top for loading apps.


Panasonic’s line of SIP phones.


Panasonic’s DECT 6.0 SIP phone.   From a design standpoint, it’s a lot slicker than the Cisco line.


Speaking of good looks and design, the snom 870 series phone with the large color LCD touch screen.


Even start-up companies support G.722 as a native feature. The Aksys Networks KONNECT phones don’t need a PBX in smaller numbers, they have the built-in functionality of a PBX within each phone and communicate peer-to-peer within the office.

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