AT&T "Monitoring" HD Voice, says spokesperson

Asked about reports of AT&T conducting HD voice trials/pilots in the San Antonio area, its PR firm responded thus:

“HD voice is a very interesting technology that we’re monitoring, but we don’t have an HD Voice offering or any plans to discuss at this time.”

AT&T’s response should be placed in context relative to the other VoIP-y technology the company has worked with over the years.  The carrier had demo’ed a Casabi-based VoIP phone at the 2006 CES, but still hasn’t rolled out a service based on the technology; meanwhile, Cinni Bell and Comcast have both intro’d Casabi services this year.

Meanwhile, AT&T has had a start-and-stop history for vanilla VoIP services (e.g. dial tone replacement services delivered via broadband), so HD voice is likely one of these “It’s nice, but will it sell?” considerations until another major carrier — likely a cable company going head-to-head with the company — introduces its HD voice service.

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