Voxbone announces iNum SILK support, transcoding of SILK to G.722

In a release schedule to hit the wires tomorrow, Voxbone is announcing that its iNum service now supports HD between “dozens” of VoIP networks and Skype, with the ability to translate between Skype’s wideband SILK codec and the more dominant G.722 codec/standard.

Voxbone’s iNum service has its own international “country” code — 883 — and calls to iNum numbers are routed through Voxbone to the appropriate service provider over IP.  Traditional PSTN users can also direct dial iNum numbers in order to reach other callers

How well the transcoding service works will be interesting since SILK is optimized for voice while G.722  can easily carry both voice and music, as well as provider richer clarity on background noise.  However,

Still, the announcement is Voxbone’s latest in the HD arena.  Last month, the company announced support for G.722 on iNum at the HD Communications Summit in New York City.

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