HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES – Bookend Jeffs

The HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES will be opened by a Jeff and closed by a Jeff. More specifically, Internet visionary and serial entrepreneur Jeff Pulver and Polycom co-founder and CTO Jeff Rodman.

The first Jeff will open the HD Communications Summit with remarks discussing “Our HD Voice Future.”  Pulver,  quite possible the very first pundit to realize the potential for VoIP over a decade ago, launched the HD Connect Project this spring to bring together and energize the HD Voice community.  Saying that the basic standards for  a phone call haven’t changed since 1937, Pulver believes HD Voice and HD Communications have the potential to bring back revenues to carriers, provide richer experiences for families, improve business productivity, and even impact homeland security.

Polycom co-founder and CTO Jeff Rodman is often described as “The Father of HD Voice” and has been persistently talking up the value of wideband codecs and the richness of HD voice when compared a stock PSTN phone offering.    Rodman will wrap-up the HD Voice Summit with his observations and remarks on the state of the HD Voice ecosystem.

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