Skype SILK shows up in Babbelon push-to-talk voice service

Speaking of alternatives to G.722, a startup called Voxygen is delivering a free, private push-to-talk-service called Babbelon.  The concept isn’t new, but it uses Skype’s SILK “super wideband” audio codec and is hosted over on Rackspace.

Babbelon is a browser-based VoIP chat tool and provides a “massively” multi-user VoIP service; according to the press release, Babbleon can handle thousands of simultaneous users at a fraction of the cost per user of other traditional services.   Babbelon can scale up to more than 7,000 simultaneous users and being promoted as a tool for a variety of consumer and business apps, including e-commerce, online auctions and sales meetings/seminars.  The company plans to focus on the Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) gamer/player community.

So will SILK square up against SIREN in the gaming arena?

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