Aculab adds more HD Voice codec support

Aculab has announced its Prosody X and Prosody media products now support more wideband codecs.  The company has officially added support for G.722, G.722.1 and G.722.2/AMR-WB.

In a press release this morning, Aculab says the inclusion of the G.722 series codecs gives its Prosody X media processing boards and the Prosody S software platform the “largest range” of voice codec support for any media processing vendor; the company already supports over twenty narrowband codecs, including G.711, the majority of codecs used in GSM mobile networks, and specialized codecs for military and emergency services usage.

Incorporation of G.722.2/AMR-WB was underlined for use by the mobile community; in a discussion at IT EXPO West in September, Aculab indicated it had a number of mobile clients/customers in Europe.

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