Editorial – Webinars, virtual conferences, and HD voice – Why the former need the latter

Huntsville, AL – Over dinner last night underneath the nose of a Saturn 5 rocket, industry analysts ‘fessed up on the usefulness of virtual conferences. Their comments reflect why HD voice is necessary to improve the quality of online presentations for all involved.

“What do you think about the virtual conference by <call center>?” started the conversation by one analyst.

“I am here,” said another, shrugging.

“I can’t pay attention to a full day of online content,”  said the third. “I’ll be multi-tasking, on the phone, checking on email.”

“The most I can manage is to watch one session–”

“One webinar worth,” I interjected.

“Yes, one webinar, worth, but even then I’m doing something else.”

“Do you know who pays the most attention during a webinar?” I asked. “The competitor that has logged in to gather more information. They’ll log in using their own name, own company name and title and start asking questions to learn more about the competitor.”

“Oh, I had one of those,” said the analyst sitting  next to me. “He tried to subtly work in one of those ‘gotcha’ questions to draw out what company X’s product doesn’t do…”

ANYway, the moral of this story is two-fold–

1) For all the hype, nobody is going to have their full and complete attention focused on a full day virtual conference.

2) Most people “tuned in” to a webinar aren’t really fully tuned in, other than the moderator, the presenters, and the competitors to the presenters.

How do you get people to pay more attention during a webinar? C’mon, you know the answer:  Give webinars in HD voice and get people to listen to it in HD voice.

(No, Dave Frankel of ZipDX is not a sponsor of this column. Stop that!)

Seriously, HD Voice delivers better quality sound, people get more engaged, it is a clearer, richer experience, and people will pay attention to the verbal part of the presentation than the “I’m just going to listen in one window and check my email in another” habits they have become used to with most stock webinar/conference calls.

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