HDConnect at FCBA Dinner on December 10, 2009

HD Connect, the organization promoting HD communications, had a table at the Federal Communications Bar Association (FBCA) Chairman’s dinner.  Proceeds from the dinner go to a scholarship program.



Above – Jim Machi, Senior Vice President, Dialogic (L) and Ari Rabban, President/CEO, phone.com (right).   Phone.com is a sponsor of HD Voice News. Budweiser is not.


Inside the Washington Hilton ballroom with many many tables and lawyers coming in.  Had to be upwards of 1500 people in attendance.


Guest of honor at the FBCA Chairman’s dinner, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. His stand-up act for the evening wasn’t bad.


HDConnect Executive Chairman Dan Berninger (L) talking to Joseph Harar (C), Principal, TDF venture fund, with David Erickson (R), President, WYDE Voice.

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