Polycom CTO’s Top 10 reasons for HD Voice

Polycom CTO Jeff Rodman provides 10 reasons why you need to learn about and try out HD Voice.  Rodman, along with numerous other telecommunications luminaries, will be presenting at the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

More information and registration for the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES, being produced by Jeff Pulver, can be found at http://www.cesweb.org/sessions/search/results.asp?categoryID=1882


Jeff Rodman’s Top 10 Reasons for HD Voice


1. The guys in Bangalore and Beijing can understand the guys in Biloxi and Barcelona.

HD Voice makes it a lot easier to understand people who talk with an accent, or have a different native language than your own because it restores the 70 percent of human speech that’s cut out by the conventional phone network.

2. Don’t mix up your FEC with your FCC, SEC, and FTC.

Acronyms are notorious for being hard to get across. HD Voice simplifies the job of hearing the differences among word sounds like between “sail” and “fail.” When the context is ambiguous, as it frequently is in business and technical conversations, we either ask people to repeat what they said, or we get it wrong.

3. 911 can stop asking you to “spell” emergencies “more slowly.”

When you have to get the message right the first time, even among noise and panic, HD Voice makes a huge difference.

4. Those senior execs become more understandable.

If you can improve the fidelity, as HD Voice does, you can be more forgiving when people don’t talk as loud as you’d like. HD Voice can make up for a lot of audio problems, including room noise and reverberation, distant talkers, and “speakerphone ambience.”

5. Even the boring meetings become interesting.

Continually pestering your boss to talk louder can be a career-limiting pastime. A lot of meeting fatigue is because we have to work so hard to understand what people are saying on the phone. HD Voice makes people easier to understand, and boosts everyone’s energy. It’s like coffee for your phone.

6. You’ll stop mistaking your boss for your best friend.

HD Voice highlights the difference between voices, so it’s much easier to identify who is talking.


7. Your competitors are already calling your customers in HD Voice.

HD Voice is rapidly becoming the norm. Would you rather have crystal-clear audio or sound tinny and muffled on calls with your customers? Don’t let HD Voice become your competitor’s advantage.


8. It’s like being there, without the three-ounce rule, TSA and sneezing strangers.

HD Voice is “audio-based telepresence.” You can be effective, dynamic, and efficient without having to travel.


9. “HD Is Too Expensive” is so yesterday.

HD Voice has been moving extremely fast. It’s available from all major vendors, and at all prices from bottom to top.

10. The Coolness factor!

If you haven’t tried it – you really must.

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