Editorial – The HD Voice YouTube Video that Polycom needs to film

[Scene:  In the distance, a man is playing a concert piano, with the beautiful sound of a classic music piece becoming louder as the camera zooms in on…


Polycom CTO/founder JEFF RODMAN.  He lifts his hands from the keyboard and turns to the camera]

“The human ear is a wonderful thing and can hear all 7 and one-third octaves of this piano.   HD voice and wideband codecs can deliver this sort of quality to your phone calls. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?”

[Rodman smiles and stands up as man, face obscured by safety shield, revvs chainsaw and cuts through two-thirds of the piano. The larger chunk of the piano fall to the ground in a crush and clank of keys]

[Man dramatically drops (now silent) chainsaw onto piano bench, flips up safety visor, revealing PENN JILLET of Penn and Teller]

“That’s what a standard voice phone call leaves you with, because PSTN phone acoustic standards haven’t changed since 1937.  Don’t you want to hear the full piano?” PENN says.

[PENN picks up and restarts chainsaw, revvs it a couple of times.]

“Penn, what are you doing?” yells RODMAN as he comes back into camera.

“I need to cut the PSTN leftovers down to show what kind of crap you get on a mobile phone and cheap VoIP,  stuff like that” says PENN, flipping down safety shield and going after the remaining third of the piano, cutting it into MUCH smaller pieces.

[RODMAN turns to the camera and shrugs. Fade to Polycom logo]


More seriously, the HD voice community needs to start getting a little crazy and more creative and aggressive with its message.  Sure, it’s nice to talk about the wonders of HD voice once you hear it, but you need to get people thinking “Is it really THAT good?”

I’ve heard some hints from Rodman that Polycom is looking into something unconventional to dramatize HD voice, but other companies are going to have to pick up the ball to get people talking.

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