Reviewing the people and companies of the past year — HD Voice News 2009 List of Lists

Over the next week to 10 days, HD Voice News hopes to publish the following set of lists—

1)       2009 HD Voice Players –10 people who have consistently moved HD Voice forward over the past year

2)       Wideband people for 2010 – You may not have heard of them, but 10 people you want to listen to in 2010.

3)       Top 10 HD Voice Companies for 2009

4)       Top 5 issues for HD Voice improvement in 2010

5)       2009 Top 10 HD Voice Installations around the world

As noted in an HD Voice News editorial last week, the purpose of the forthcoming set of 2009 HD voice lists is to start a dialog and debate on the issues surrounding HD voice and get people and companies discussing where they are now in the wideband universe and what they need to do to grow the space. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on that the “mainstream” IP communications media is not fully tuned into – call them narrowband-thinkers — and there some naysayers around HD voice proliferation that needs to be challenged.

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