Communications policy during 2010 CES and HD Voice Summit this week

With travel early tomorrow to Las Vegas for CES and the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES on Wednesday, January 6, 2010,  I wanted to provide a “heads up” on what may or may not be happening on TwitterID: HDvoiceNews and

Since I am providing speaker coordination for the HD Voice Summit on Wednesday afternoon and moderating two panels (my bad),  I am not optimistic on being able to “Tweet” much during the conference (1 PM to 5:30 PM local time in Vegas).

I may have better luck on Thursday and Friday — or not. CES is a zoo and I have to run from point A to point Z and may not have the opportunity to Tweet on the fly.

Not really sure how much posting I’ll be able to do as well; some of the visits I have will be more applicable to IP Communications than to the HD Voice community. Compounding matters are  press events on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

– Doug Mohney

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