CES 2010 – France Telecom to deliver mobile HD to France in 2010

HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES, Las Vegas –France Telecom will deploy mobile HD voice service in its home country in 2010, as well as providing mobile HD voice service to Belgium and broadband HD voice to Poland.

Thomas Lemaire, Director of Business Development for France Telecom/Orange, provided a brief update of the company’s deployment plans.  Poland will get service in the first quarter of this year while Belgium should see mobile HD in the second quarter.

No specific quarter or date was provided for France’s mobile HD turn up.  Interestingly, the Powerpoint slide Lemaire presented had the UK getting mobile HD in the third quarter of 2010 — so there’s either a lot of testing/upgrading still to be done in the UK and/or the timetable for mobile HD has been moved up since the slide was updated.

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