CES 2010 – Skype talks TV, swarms event

Las Vegas – Skype was in force at CES for the debut of its software on high-end Panasonic and nearly all LG HDTVs coming out by mid-2010.   The company was making the most of  its announcement enabling the aforementioned TV sets to make and receive audio and video calls with a bit more hardware.

Without being specific to brands, a senior Skype executive said the company had a relatively easy time getting its software ported to TVs using ARM and MIPS processors and a Linux variant operating system.  Life got more difficult when the manufacturers used a different operating system and more proprietary processors (Think Toshiba and Sony).

Regardless, Skype’s announcement has triggered a frenzy of activity among HDTV manufacturers trying to keep up with Panasonic and LG’s announcement.   No doubt other brand names will be adding Skype — and potentially other phone/IM clients — to their offerings over the next twelve months.

Skype personnel were certainly making the rounds, making at least one observer mutter “Google who?” At the HD Voice Summit at 2010, Skype had at least three engineers in the audience as Skype GM Jonathan Christensen gave his presentation. When the CES show floor opened on Thursday, Skype CEO Josh Silverman lead a posse of his people between the Panasonic booth — doing a podcast for Cecilia Kang of the Washington Post at one point — and the LG booth.

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