CES 2010 – XConnect talks HD voice interconnect trials

HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES, Las Vegas — XConnect released some information on a free trial for HD voice providers to the company’s Global Alliance platform and said more details will be defined and announced by IT EXPO.

The announcement by XConnect Vice President Mark Benisz was greeted with a call for applause by Polycom CTO Jeff Rodman and service provider representatives in attendance at the HD Voice Summit were enthusiastic at the prospect of trying out an HD Voice interop solution.

Benesiz said the trial will be focused on G.722 initially and allow service providers to work with XConnect’s service on some to-be-announced time period to feel out interoperability, speed, reliability, and support.

In an email to HD Voice News, a XConnect executive indicated the process would be pretty simple for service providers.  The first step would be to verify interoperability testing with some test calls and SIP invites.  Then, a service provider could load their phone numbers into the registry — either all VoIP numbers or just the HD voice-enabled end points) — to get access to a “global community” of other participating HD voice providers in the trial, as well access to XConnect’s existing base of settlement-free terminating endpoints within the company’s Global Alliance Registry.

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