CES 2010 - ZipDX announces real-time transcription to conferencing service

HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES, Las Vegas – ZipDX (www.zipdx.com) announced it has added integrated real-time transcription to its conference call services.

The company offers two service levels using PhoneTag services from Ditech Networks.  ZipDX Scribe users professional transcriptionists and “typically results” in 95 percent accuracy with a transcription delay of less than two minutes.  ZipDX Scribble uses automated transcription with typical accuracy better than 80 percent and delay of only 30 seconds.

Conference organizers can make the transcription securely available in real time via a ZipDX Transcription View, with post-conference access also available.  Participants can click on any portion of the transcription to hear a recording of that section.  A transcription is searchable and individual speakers can be isolated during audio playback.  Another feature: a meeting captured with the automated ZipDX Scribble can be submitted (i.e. cleaned up) to ZipDX Scribe for increased accuracy.

The ZipDX Scribe solution is priced at $1.65 per minute, or $99 per hour while ZipDX Scribble costs 16.5 cents per minute or $9.90 per hour.

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