CES – Trinity Convergence provides Skype stack for HDTV

Embedded software house Trinity Convergence announced it was the one supplying Skype with software to enable Skype video calling on HDTVs.  A spokesperson with the company said it was getting “a flurry of calls” after Skype’s announcement.

Trinity Convergence has integrated its VeriCall voice and video software engine with the Skype embedded SDK to enable fast integration of a Skype video client for equipment;  Trinity was running a demo of its solution on Broadcom’s BCM3549 DTV system-on-a-chip solution at CES.

The company has announced it has secured commercial agreements with “multiple” TV manufacturers.

OEMs and ODMs can use the Skype/Trinity package to put an integrated software solution including Skype video caling and the Skype “user experience” onto HDTVs and other connected multimedia devices.   Trinity had previously worked closely with Skype on a number of projects to put the software on a number of devices other than the PC, including the Sony mylo and the IPEVO Skype Desktop Phone SO-10.

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