CES 2010 – Pictures from the HD Voice Summit – Part One

Some pictures from the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES last week in Las Vegas.

CES 2010 - HD Voice Panel - Rob Pegoraro, Mike Rude, Jan Linden

“Defining HD Voice” Panel – Rob Pegoraro, Consumer Technology Columnist, Washington Post at the podium;Mike Rude VP Business Development, DSP Group in the middle; Jan Linden, VP Engineering, Global IP Solutions to the right.

HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES - Ari Rabban, Alan Percy, Thomas Lemaire, Rich Buchanan

“HD Voice – Deployments around the world” panel – At podium, Ari Rabban, CEO, Phone.com. From left to right, Alan Percy, Director of Market Development, Audio Codes; Thomas Lemaire, Senior Director, Business Development, Orange/France Telecom, North America; Rich Buchanan, CMO, ooma (hello hello!).

CES2010-HD Voice Handsets panel - Richard Romangnino, Tony Stankus, Tommy Lee

“HD Voice – Handsets in the home and SOHO – At podium, Richard Romagnino, Vice President Business Development, VoiceAge Corporation. From left to right, Tommy Lee, Sales Channel Manager, snom; Tony Stankus, Product Manager of Emerging Technologies, Gigaset.

CES2010 - HD Voice on Broadband panel - David Brown, J. Christensen, David Frankel, Mark Benisz

“HD Voice on Broadband” – Left to right, David Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Trinity Convergence; Jonathan Christensen, GM, Audio and Video, Skype; David Frankel, President, ZipDX; Mark Benisz, VP, Americas, XConnect

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