CES – D2 announces more customer wins, talks G.722 goodness

At CES, D2 Technologies (www.d2tech.com) announced it had customer wins for its embedded software platform on chips going into EPON IADs and Android devices.   The company was conducting breadboard demos of its latest work on a variety of platforms ranging from WiMAX to something really cool looking that should be announced in the near future.

On the EPON (Ethernet PON) side, D2 announced that its’ vPort Gateway embedded VoIP software is available on Opulan Technologies OPL-06752 EPON ONU processor.  OEMs/ODEMs can put together EPON IADs and gateways with “optimized” carrier-grade VoIP functionality. The Opulan chip set includes  a MIPS-core processor, standard EPON MAC for ONU, and is compliant with service provider standards TR-101/TR-156.

For Android, NetLogic Microsystems AU1300 Alchemy processor will now have a version of D2’s mCUE converged communications client available, so OEMs/ODMs building hardware around the AU3100 will be able to integrate PSTN calls, VoIP, IM, SMS, video calling, as well as full integration of services such as GoogleTalk, Yahoo! Messenger and other forms of social networking and communications into an “intuitive and converged” address book.

The ultra low-power Alchemy processors run at up to 800MHz and integrate a HD video acceleration engine, an advanced 2D/3D graphics processor, and a Media Acceleration Engine (MAE) to provide H.264, MPEG 1/2/4, DivX, WMV9 and VC-1 hardware acceleration.

During comments over breakfast, D2 COO Doug Makishima noted that, from a device design perspective, G.722 was a much nicer HD voice codec than AMR-WB — a “codec designed by committee” — and other options on the market.  AMR-WB has several different profiles available for implementation and is more CPU intensive — hence more power consumption — than good old G.722.  Since G.722 isn’t doing a bunch of compression on the fly, using it translates to longer battery life over AMR-WB.

(Apologies to Doug if I have inadvertently misquoted/misnterpreted his remarks — the conversation took place on day 4 of CES)

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