discusses challenges to building a public HD voice network

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Fresh off the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), CTO Alon Cohen has blogged “How to Solve the Biggest Challenge to Building a Public HD Voice Network.”

Cohen argues that HD voice interconnection between service providers is essential, but codec patent holders should provide free access to transcoding solutions — he singles out G.722, SILK, and AMR-WB — in order to facilitate a larger network buildout.  Free access for transcoding would “give up a little revenue from exchanges,” he argues,  but patent holders would “easily” make it up on enhanced sales of end-points since HD Voice would be, in essence, a plug-and-play solution.

Other action items where Cohen is seeking action is for a company to host a list of HD providers willing to work with each other, more press releases on HD, increased support of HD voice conferencing functionality, and more engagement in the ecosystem of HD voice service providers and equipment vendors.

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