Optimum Lightpath HD voice service exceeding “expectations”

Not disclosing numbers on its initial efforts, Optimum Lightpath is apparently selling a lot of hosted HD voice, if the one line comment HD Voice News received to an inquiry earlier this week.

“While we do not disclose number of endpoints, we can say that demand has exceeded our best expectations.  This is a trend we expect to continue in 2010,” said John Macario, Optimum Lightpath’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy & Management.

Further attempts to quantify exactly how many HD voice endpoints the company has deployed since launching its HD voice service in mid-2009 have unfortunately gone unanswered.

On a SWAG, this writer would speculate that that number of HD voice endpoints deployed by the cable company is somewhere in the low thousands (i.e. some number above 1,000 and less than 5,000).   Hopefully more concrete numbers will be disclosed/be available when Optimum’s parent does its quarterly and yearly financial reporting.

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