VoiceAge confirms AMR-WB patent pool pricing revisions

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VoiceAge has plans to send out a formal press release about revised pricing to its AMR-WB patent pool next week.

At IT EXPO East in Miami last week, the company discussed “aggressive” pricing changes that were favorably received by developers in attendance and said details were available at http://www.voiceage.com/licamrwb.php.  One industry source called the revised pricing “interesting” and wondered if some flexibility would extend to open source developers.

AMR-WB patent holders include Voice Age, Nokia, Ericsson, and France Telecom. In the past, AMR patent pricing has been geared more towards chip and large telecom/OEM hardware developers, requiring a high bar (i.e. a big licensing fee) in order to implement the patent.  High pricing has discouraged third-party and open source developers — an issue that VoiceAge indicates it and the other patent holders have taken to heart in the creation of the revised patent pricing for AMR-WB.

One service provider last week went so far as to suggest that AMR-WB and other relevant patents be provided license-free for transcoding use.  Phone.com CTO Alon Cohen said licensing issues with transcoding were hindering the proliferation of HD voice and suggested license relief would help a faster network buildout and use of HD.

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