3 quietly shows HD voice demo in the UK – mobile HD voice announcement at MWC?

Credit to Dan Berninger for the pointer

The UK is close to being a hotbed for mobile HD voice, if reports are to be believed, and there may be a big mobile HD voice announcement in February.

Techeye was invited by upstart cellular carrier 3 to get a demo for mobile HD voice. Sound quality is descirbed as “the person you’re talking to sounds like they’re four feet away,” but Techeye suggests the demo would have been more impressive on better handsets with a “decent” microphone and loudspeaker; the demo was conducted on “modified Sony Ericsson Cybershot jobbies.”

According to Techeye, 3 UK has upgraded its backhaul network with Nokia Siemens gear so it is now capable of fully supporting AMR-WB (or WB-AMR as they tend to call it in Europe).

Further, an announcement from a mobile HD voice “special interest group” is expected at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona in February and the news is expected to include a way to interconnect HD voice ready networks.

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