IT EXPO East 2010 – Illustrating SD vs HD voice in sound and slide is a sponsor of HD Voice News

At IT EXPO East 2010, CTO Alon Cohen gave a relatively clear demonstration of the difference between “SD” voice (in the form of G.711) and HD voice with a pair of sound clips using the same spoken phrase.

To hear the SD G.722 voice clip, click here.

To hear the HD G.722 voice clip, click here.

For a visual representation, Cohen had a couple of nice slides illustrating the differences between the two codecs in terms of sampling rate and CPU & bandwidth usage–

Unfortunately, the graphics themselves get a little “jaggy” (i.e. not high quality) when shrunk down to fit a typical web page.

The audio and slides examples were presented as a part of a larger Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 presentation, available for download in .PPTX format here.

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