CounterPath releases Bria 3.0, hits HD voice hard

CounterPath Corporation has officially announced the latest version of its multimedia softphone, Bria 3.0.  The company is heavily pushing Bria’s HD voice and video features in the run up to Mobile World Congress in two weeks.

Bria 3.0 supports 720p (1280x720p) video, incorporates improved usability features, synchronization with Microsoft Office address books, a troubleshooting assistant, improved security features, including support for a greater variety of network topologies, improved firewall traversal and compliance with the latest ICE/STUN/TURN options.

At IT EXPO East 2010, CounterPath officials emphasized an overhaul of Bria to fully support HD voice and video data types from end-to-end, including G.722 and the aforementioned 720p HD video.

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