Goodbye, goodbye – Rich Buchanan departs Ooma

After two years as Ooma’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Rich “The Dude” Buchanan is departing the company for another project.

Buchanan, an advocate of HD voice via Ooma, announced his departure from Ooma via Twitter (@richbuchanan) on Sunday evening; the company has yet to make a formal statement of either Buchanan’s departure or his replacement.  “It’s time for Ooma to soar and for me to focus on a new project and build another world-class team,” he tweeted. “I will miss the awesome team we have assembled at Ooma and I promise to see all of you again.”

His accomplishments while CMO include moving the company away from a celebrity-based branding relationship with Ashton Kutcher to a more successful product/service focus, the growth of Ooma unit sales by more than “100x weekly” through 5,000 new retailers over the past two years — including a strategic relationship with Best Buy — and seeing the company pass over 100,000 units in sales with increasing growth.

In his tweets, Buchanan did not detail where he was going or what he was going to work on, but given his background, including stints at Creative Labs and Sling Media, it is likely he’s working on something in the consumer electronics space.

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