HD voice companies to look for at Mobile World Congress

Several requests have come in asking about HD voice companies to look for in Barcelona next week during Mobile World Congress (MWC). Here’s a short list–


VoiceAge (www.voiceage.com) – Did you say “AMR-WB”? VoiceAge has formally launched its patent pool for AMR-WB/G.722.2 and made the pricing more end-user friendly from what we can tell.  Looks like the company will be pushing AMR-WB for deployment into the wireline network in order to avoid transcoding for mobile HD voice.

Global IP Solutions (www.gipscorp.com) – GIPS will be showing off its VideoEngine Mobile for the iPhone, a mobile developer toolkit to enable two-way video chat and HD voice into iPhone applications. Booth # 2A14, Hall 2, or in the MWC media center.

Fraunhofer IIS – If you want another Yet Another Codec/HD voice delivery stack, Fraunhofer is demonstrating its Audio Communications Engine (ACE) for LTE/4G cellular networks. ACE including a designer version of MPEG for real time audio, echo-control software, and an IP streaming stack to compensate for “adverse network conditions.” Hall 2, Booth E41.

Network Core

Dialogic (www.dialogic.com) – Jim Machi over at Dialogic has been a HD voice blogging fiend and the company is looking forward to show off its HD voice transcoding and media gateway capabilities. A demo cryptically labeled “value added services with HD voice capabilities created by Unisys” might also be of interest. Booth 2C54

Acme Packet (www.acmepacket.com) – Acme doesn’t run around screaming HD voice (yet), but its SBC is a (the?) key player involved in IP peering. If there’s an announcement about mobile HD voice peering at the show, Acme’s gear is likely involved in the nuts-and-bolts.

AudioCodes (www.audiocodes.com) – While AudioCodes will be emphasizing all of its mobile capabilities, hopefully that message won’t overshadow the company’s strengths in HD voice transcoding and media gateways.


CommuniGate Systems (www.communigate.com) – The company formally announced the introduction of HD voice to its entire product portfolio last week, enabling users to make calls and hold conferences in HD.  Support for GIPS “iSAC,” G.722, and AMR-WB, plus Polycom and Aastra phones using G.722 was announced.  CommuniGate has been selling hard into the mobile space, and has a white paper touting the benefits of HD voice for mobile carriers. Hall 7, Stand 7E40.


XConnect (www.xconnect.net) – Given the talk about a mobile HD interconnection announcement at MWC, XConnect should be involved or will be involved.


Nokia (www.nokia.com) – Nokia has one HD voice handset currently in operation with France Telecom; expect to at least one more.

Sony Ericsson (www.sonyericsson.com) – In December 2009, the company announced two new “HD voice ready” cell phones in its GreenHeart line,  Elm and Hazel. Both support AMR-WB.

Mobile HD voice service providers – To be named next week

3 UK has told select analysts and media that there would be some sort of mobile HD voice alliance announcement at MWC.  However, will 3 UK formally announce its plans for HD voice after teasing the press with ad hoc demos in the English countryside?

France Telecom has got to be involved in a mobile HD voice interop announcement since they’ve taken the lead and also have key patents in the AMR-WB pool.

Odds are that Deutsche Telekom will be a part of the “alliance,” given that it has reportedly trialed mobile HD voice in the past year.

BT and Telecom Italia are good bets for participants. Telenor and someone from the Netherlands may also be involved.

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