Editorial – Surprise! Business Week gets it about HD voice

While nearly all of the (so-called) trade press is drooling over Samsung intro-ing Yet Another Open Source operating system and Microsoft’s efforts to stop its phone OS from vanishing into oblivion, Business Week got it right: Voice still matters for mobile phones.

Plane old voice calls (POVCs?) still provide the bulk of revenues for carriers around the globe, notes BW‘s Andy Reinhardt. Quoting Ovum, voice still accounts for nearly 70 percent of the industry’s bucks and isn’t expected to dip below 60 percent in any region of the world.

“As far as Orange is concerned, voice is not just a commodity,” said Olaf Swantee, senior executive vice president for Orange’s global mobile business, in a prepared statement.

Business Week heard the message, but few others have. Everyone else appears to be too busy kowtowing to Steve Ballmer and the brilliant idea to lock people into Microsoft’s search engine — and who’s idea was that, by the way? — by putting a dedicated “Bing” key on Windows Phone Series 7 handsets.    Oh yes, very much open and non-proprietary and exciting.


Ironically, France Telecom are best buddies and will be carrying/customizing Windows Phone Series 7 (because WinMobile is dead, dead, dead, dontcha know?) in the months to come, so it isn’t a hard leap to infer that WPS7 phones will likely support AMR-WB out of the box.

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