MWC: D2 Technologies adds HD voice to Android

IP communications software stack maker D2 Technologies ( announced its next generation of mCUE. The new software adds plenty of goodies for Android-based products (i.e. phones), including Skype interoperability, video call/chat, seamless call handover, cross-service conferencing and HD voice.

D2 says mCUE has also been optimized to enabled converged IP communications (i.e. deliver voice and video) on new platforms such as digital TVs, IP set top boxes, network media players, and IP media frame/phone applications.

Should you happen to be in Barcelona this week, D2 is offering private demos of mCUE’s new product features, including moving seamless call handovers between an Android-based IP set top box, an IP media frame, and the HTC hero smartphone.

One interesting point: HD voice is supposed via “wideband CODECs.”  Given previous discussions with D2 COO Doug Makishima, G.722 is definitely supported, but a complete list of codecs was not presented in the initial press release.

Other key features added to mCUE include seamless call handover between various radio and networks – insert laundry list of HSPA, EVDO, 4G WiMAX, WiFi here – place shifting of calls between devices, and three-way voice calls and IM chat across different services.

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