MWC: Orange to offer 8 mobile HD voice phones in 1H 2010;all by 2011.

France Telecom/Orange continues its steamroller push of mobile HD voice service at Mobile World Congress this week. The company says it plans to offer eight (8) mobile HD voice phones in the first half of this year and all of its handsets are expected to support HD voice by the end of 2011.

In an interview with Total Telecom, Senior VP of mobile media and devices Yves Maitre said that “100%” of devices in the company’s portfolio will be HD by the end of 2011.  While the company only offers a single Nokia handset that supports AMR-WB today, “more are in the pipeline.”

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for handset makers to differentiate from devices like the iPhone for example,” Maitre said to Total Telecom. “HD [voice] will become the norm, but we are the first ones to innovate on it and we believe our competitors will follow us,” he added.

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