SMC rolls out DOCSIS 3.0 & HD voice capable gateway

SMC has released its latest and greatest DOCSIS 3.0 gateway. Among the many features the new SMCD3USG supports is HD voice in the form of CAT-iq, said a spokesperson.

More specifically, the device supports MoCA, DECT, and 802.11 “interfaces” for distribution of content to IPTVs, VoIP and DECT phones, computers, hard drives and gaming consoles.  It also includes QoS software, Packet Cable 1.5 (upgradable to 2.0), and four Gigabit Ethernet ports, plus print server and file server capabilities.

SMC says customers can “easily” connect the SMCD3USG to existing phone systems, including VoIP and DECT cordless phones.

The initial press release did not specifically mention it, but SMC’s PR representative said the hardware “does support CAT-iq.”

CAT-iq is the global DECT standard linking G.722 with DECT 6.0 for end-to-end wireless delivery of HD voice through a network. CableLabs has adopted/blessed CAT-iq for use by cable operators, as well as France Telecom as it deploys gear for its broadband HD voice deployments.

The SMCD3USG is available now for cable operators to test and deploy.

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