MWC: GMSA awards France Telecom mobile HD voice “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough”

The GSMA (GSM Association) recognized France Telecom – nice someone did, since nearly all the media covering MWC media were frothing over Yet Another App/App Store  — for its implementation of mobile HD voice.

France Telecom received the “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” in the course of the 15th Annual Global Mobile Awards during the presentation in Barcelona, Spain. Orange was feted for the world’s first HD mobile voice service in Moldova in September 2001, “the first significant evolution in mobile voice quality since the 1990’s.”

The paragraph award write-up goes on to tout the “new” AMR-WB codec as well as the quality of sound “likened to having the other party in the same room, providing clearer conversations and a feeling of proximity.”

Winners got a funky trophy and a “headline performance” by Duran Duran.

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