CES 2010: Skype TV media tour in pictures

Finally unearthed from a backlog of other tasks, some photos of Skype at CES 2010.


The Skype client on the high-end Panasonic Viera TV.  Note the rectangular box at the top of the TV, an add-on specially designed video camera for conducting Skype video calls.


Outside the Skype display at the Panasonic booth.

Washington Post technology reporter Cecilia Kang Flips Skype CEO Josh Silverman in the Panasonic booth.

Over at the LG booth, Skype gets more verbage on the signage.

Skype live on an LG TV. Note the add-on camera at the top of the TV and the picture-in-picture of the camera view on the lower right-hand corner.

Big poster illustrating how Skype works on the LG TV.

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