Unisys embraces HD voice for messaging solutions

Last week at Mobile World Congress, Unisys (www.unisys.com) demonstrated its messaging system built to handle AMR-WB and G.722 calls.

Billed as “Messaging in High Definition,” the Unisys Messaging and Converged User Services solution is able to both store voice messages in native HD formats and transcode between narrowband and HD formats.  At the heart of the solution is a Teleserver Media Processor (TMP) that provides support for wideband codecs, enhanced RTP, and advanced video compression technology.

The TMP uses Dialogic hardware to handle the transcoding and other heavy lifting. Unisys’s solution is described as “easily supporting” over 20,000 ports and 10 million subscribers on a single platform.  For the 3GPP crowd, the Unisys system is IMS-enabled – a bigger deal these days as LTE starts to roll out around the globe.

In Barcelona, show participants were invited to try an interactive demo illustrating the differences between narrowband and HD voice by recording a message and then hearing it played back in both formats.

A Unisys demo sound clip in narrowband is here.

A Unisys demo sound clip in HD voice is here.

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