iPhone Line2 client uses iSAC HD voice codec calls

Last week, Toktumi (www.toktumi.com) announced its Line2 iPhone app version 2.0 had received Apple’s blessing. The VoIP app supports placing calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, or cellular voice services. It also uses the Global IP Solutions (www.gipscorp.com) iSAC codec for HD voice calls.

Line2 enables international calls to be placed over WiFi starting at around $0.02 per minute, with calls to numbers back “home” being free, as well as calls to other Line2 users.  The software virtually adds a second line on the iPhone, allowing users to have unique voicemail, caller ID, and contacts for each number – one for personal use, and one for work.

In its press release, Toktumi boasts of “16-bit HD audio” that is “stunning” to experience when calls take place between two Line2 users over WiFi.  GIPS’s iSAC provides HD voice-quality audio to a laundry list of soft clients around the globe, including AOL, Citrix Online, and QQ.

Other features Line2 brings to the iPhone are conferences up to 20 people, integration with Tolktumi’s hosted PBX platform for auto-attendant, call screening, caller-specific call forward, after-hours settings and voicemail by email support.

Initial cost for Line2 is $0.99 with 30 days of free service. After that, it is $14.95/month and the package includes unlimited US/Canada calling.

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