8×8 Hosted HD Voice now available over New Edge Networks

New Edge Networks, the business services side of Earthlink, has announced that 8×8 has joined its “ecosystem” of business applications.  New Edge business customers can access 8×8’s hosted HD voice network via MPLS and 8×8 customers can ride New Edge’s MPLS network with all the advantages it carries, such as end-to-end traffic prioritization and predictable applications performance.

Putting aside all the New Edge rah-rah about QoS, 8×8 also gets access to the New Edge sales force and can work directly with New Edge account execs located in major cities nationwide, so 8×8 gets more feet on the street promoting its product.

Further, this is the second partnership deal 8×8 has recently cut to extend its sales footprint.  Last year, 8×8 joined up with Level 3 to offer hosted VoIP services to the Federal Government – a move that has long-term implications for the HD voice community.  Any government agency purchasing 8×8 hosted services automagically gets G.722 HD voice.

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